150MW Schmid semi-automatic PV modules production line

Schmid 150MW lineSchmid 150MW lineSchmid 150MW lineSchmid 150MW lineSchmid 150MW line

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Second Hand 150MW Semi-Automatic PV panels production line provided by Schmid – Germany.

The line can manufactures 3BB solar panels with whole 6″ cells;

Line is made by 3 separate manufacturing lines: 30 MW + 60 MW + 60 MW




List of Equipment:


1x manual Glass Loader;

1x Glass Washer;

2x Diverter;

1x Conveyor 1x 3600 (feed-in for Glass) +EVA foil 1;

1x Tabber Stringer Team Technik TT1200;

1x Lay-Up Station;

3x Conveyor (soldering of interconnection);

1x Foil Layup 2;

1x Laminator Lauffer (1-step with Cooling Press);

1x feed-out conveyor from laminator;

1x Diverter;

1x Edge Trimming;

1x Framing Station;

1x Junction Box Assembly;

1x Turning for cleaning table;

1x Cleaning table with Flip;

1x Module tester (Flasher G Solar);

1x Outfeed conveyor;

1x Module sorter;

1x Foil Cutter Robust Offline;


2x 60MW LINE

2x Tabber Stringer Team Technik TT1200HS;

1x Laminator Lauffer (2-step with Cooling press);

1x Module tester (Flasher Endeas);

each 60MW line is equipped with glass washer, modules conveyors, film cutters, finishing of modules line, etc…

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PV Modules Line


Endeas, Gsolar, Lauffer, Robust, Schmid, Team Technik




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