30MW Meyer Burger PV modules production line

Second Hand 30MW Automatic PV modules production line supplied by Meyer Burger.


List of Equipment:

  • 1x Glass washing and drying machine;
  • 1x Foil cutting machine;
  • 1x EVA I table;
  • 2x Glass buffer 20 bins LIFO;
  • 2x Automatic stringer Somont Rapid Four 5BB: 48 modules/h
  • 1x Automatic lay-up station Somont Rapid Four;
  • 1x Manual string soldering and repair table;
  • 1x EVA II table;
  • 1x Laminator 3S NGXL3622 CP + Cooling device XL Hyfra SVK220 + Vacuum pump Leybold SP630 + Ruta WAU: 32 modules/h
  • 1x Visual inspection station;
  • 1x Trimming station;
  • 1x Junction box station;
  • 1x Double side tape assembling and semi-automated frame press station;
  • 1x Module flip station;
  • 1x Sun light flasher simulator Pasan IIIC (including dark I/V measuring device, Hi-pot measurement device);
  • 2x Column vacuum lift;
  • 1x Automatic conveyor system with control (including working station belt, control system);
  • 1x EL tester: MBJ SM-EL-basic;

Production of circa 400.000 PV modules has been made with this line;

Production stop in January 2022;

Machines made in Europe;



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