30MW Meyer Burger PV modules production line

Second Hand 30MW Semi-Automatic PV modules production line supplied by Meyer Burger.

The line can manufactures 3BB solar PV panels;


List of Equipment:

  • 2x Belt to ball caster conveyor SEL;
  • 1x Belt conveyor SEL;
  • 1x Somont Certus Two stringer machine, 3 busbars;
  • 1x Somont Layup Four;
  • 3x Corner Ball Caster conveyor;
  • 2x ball caster Interconnection table;
  • 1x Walkthrough ball caster conveyor;
  • 1x infeed – outfeed table with ball caster
  • 1x 3S Laminator JT3622CP with vacuum pump dry running air cooled;
  • 2x infeed – outfeed table;
  • 1x corner outfeed conveyor JT3622;
  • 2x Corner belt conveyor 90° turn;
  • 3x Belt Conveyor LEL;
  • 5x working station Conveyor belt;
  • 1x Walkthrough belt LEL;
  • 3x Belt to ball caster conveyor LEL;
  • 1x Frame Press semi-auto;
  • 1x Ball Caster Conveyor;
  • 1x Sun Simulator Pasan IIIc;
  • 1x Label Printer CAB e4;
  • 1x Hi-Pot Station Stand-Alone;
  • 1x Flasher tower including belt conveyor and control;
  • 3x Ball caster conveyor;
  • 1x MBJ EL tester, inline LEL;
  • 1x Manual foil cutting;
  • 1x Ribbon bending device;
  • 1x Ribbon cutting device;
  • 1x Foil transport trolley;
  • 1x Module glass trolley;
  • 1x Module Repair table MT2200 light;
  • 1x String Repair table ST2200;
  • 1x Corner Key press station;
  • 1x Stringbox trolley;
  • 1x Tools & Devices for module line;

Machines made in Europe;



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