60MW PV Cells Production Line

60MW PV cells production line60MW PV cells production line

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Second-hand 60MW PV Solar Cells line available on sale.

The Plant includes two parallel lines made by Top Brand suppliers, utilities and laboratory instruments.

The line is still in position but it is not in operation.



List of Equipment:

1x IMA “Wrap Around” Packing Line: it’s the end of production line. A lifting system send the PV cells boxes to the storage unit. N°10 boxes are picked from storage belt and are packed in carton box. Each box is tag with “bar code” through a labelling system and it is sent to the palletize system. A XYZ manipulator picks 24 boxes and place them on pallets. Full pallets are moved to exit position where they are handled by fork-lift.

2x Baccini Wafer Unstacker: it automatically unstacks wafers into 100 slot cassettes for texturization process. It contains incoming ICOS solar wafer inspection.

2x Baccini Wafer Stacker: it automatically load wafers from the 100 slot cassettes into stacks for ARC deposition.

2x Baccini Screen Printer Line: L-R walking beam line with rotary printers. It consists of: ICOS wafer integrity check + automatic rejection; front printer and dryer; spare printer + dryer for MWT concept; flipper; back pad printer and dryer; Al printer and dryer; optional flipper for firing face up; printers has automatic paste dispensing systems. ICOS visual inspection system before every dryer for visual inspection; cassettes buffer after every printing stage; balance for weight check after Al printer;

2x Stangl Isotexturing Wet Bench: automatic acidic isotexturing machine for mc-Si wafers. The machine is loaded manually with wafers in 100 slot cassettes. Texturing is performed as 200 wafers / batch process with possibility to optimize time, temperature and bath composition. Cassettes are unloaded manually.

2x PSG Removal Wet Bench: the machine is loaded manually with wafers in 100 slot cassettes, the processing is done as a 200 wafers batch HF process with possibility to optimize time and bath composition. The machine consists of HF PSG removal bath, rinsing, and hot water and hot air dry. Cassettes are unloaded manually.

1x Semco Engineering Diffusion Furnace (Lydop System): Low pressure POCL diffusion and dry oxidation system with 4 tubes for 6″ wafers 400 single slot boat load. Automatic loading and unloading from the machine from / to cassettes to the Carbide boats and to the paddle.

1x Air Products POCl3 Dispensing System: Central dispensing system for POCl3 from canister to separate bubblers.

1x Applied Materials Si Nx Sputtering System: High throughput ATON 1600 ARC sputtering system with two process chambers and Bekaert system for rotatable targets. Manz automatic wafer loading from the stacks into ARC machine carriers ready for ARC coating: 100% wafer integrity check with automatic rejection system.

2x Despatch Solar Cell Firing Furnace: single line fast firing belt furnace with 6 firing zones independently temperature control.

2x Despatch Solar Cell Rapid Thermal Shock Unit: thermal shock machine with flat belt for cell bow reduction.

2x Solar Cell Buffer Unit & Test and Sorter Machine: solar cell buffer unit and Automatic cell sorter with Berger flash tester and 2 modules of 24 bins. Total programmable 48 bins, ICOS front color inspection system before tester, optional flipper after the tester and ICOS for back print inspection.

2x Innolas Solar Cell Laser Isolation Machine: laser edge isolation with IR laser and automatic stages.

2x Innolas Solar Cell Laser Isolation Machine: thermal shock machine with flat belt for cell bow reduction.

1x Semilab ‘WT-2000’ Wafer Scanner (u-PCD LBIC): I2D μ-PCD lifetime mapping of silicon wafers (laser wavelength 906 nm, resolution down to 125 μm); 2D LBIC mapping of silicon solar cell (laser wavelength 906 nm, resolution down to 125 μm); 2D capacitive sheet resistance mapping of near-surface layers.

1x Bruker ‘Dektak XT’ Stylus Profiler: mounted on TMC optical table size 760 mm x 760 mm, pc and monitor. Stylus-type profilometer for height-profile line-scans. 2D height and width measurements; 3D mapping of surface structures, maximum height 65 μm, vertical resolution 1.4 nm, acuum solar chuck for full-square 156 x 156 mm² wafers.



Imtech Water Recirculation System: to include on skid mounted base Grundfos pumps (x3) 30m³/h 3 bar heat exchanger, filter unit, range 17-25°C PCW Kring.

2x Rucon ‘RV 45-G 630 D’ Air Blower Unit: (Corrosive Exhaust) max 1000 l/min, 11 kW, plastic body, note fan unit only no pipework.

1x Honeywell Analytics Gas Detection System: Detects NH3, POCL3, SiH4 & HF

1x Cooling Water Process System: 2 x Grundfos pumps, 1 x heat exchanger and 1 x pressure vessel.



1x Millipore ‘Advantage A10’ Milli-Q Water Purifier: with millipore q-pod sampler head;

1x Ohaus ‘PA 64’ Analytical Balance: Max capacity 65g, readability 0.0001g

1x Kern ‘DE60K20N’ Bench Top Digital Scale: Maximum capacity 6Kg, minimum capacity D=20g with tare

1x Exacta Optech ‘SM’ Reflected Metallurgical Microscope: Optics size PLL L 80/0.80 160/0, PL L40/0.60 160/0, PL L 20/0.40, 160/0, PL L 10/0.25 160/0, PL 5/0.12 160/0.

2x Vector ‘Micro VC 300’ Metrology Video Measuring System: including video reticle ‘9054 unit, 115/220 Volts.

1x X-rite ‘Grand Rapids MI’ Spectrophotometer

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PV Cells Line


Applied Materials, Berger, Despatch, Innolas, Semco, Stangl


2007, 2011


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