65MW PV Cells Production Line

Second Hand 65MW PV Solar Cells line with additional Metrology Equipment.

List of Main Equipment

  • Linea Textu, LINEA WL-ISOTEX 3000: surface treatment of multicrystaline and polycrystaline silicon wafers;
  • Inline Lydop furnace, DUAL In Line LYDOP: doping;
  • Linea Emitter Etch & PSG removal line, LINEA WL-PSG-EE3000: Emitter Etching and PSG removal;
  • TWYN PECVD Anti-Reflective Coating, IN LINE ARC PECVD TWYN: Anti-Reflective Layer Creation;
  • Screen Printing (Metallization line), Dubuit 338: print contacts on wafers using a screen printing process;
  • Drying and Firing furnace, CDF-DL;
  • Cell Tester and Sorter ELOGIA, E12008;

List of Additional Equipment

  • Gas Panel AirLiquid: NF3, O2, NH3, SiH4 supply
  • Chemical Supply System CSS: KOH, HF, HCl, HNO3 supply
  • ChemGuard 1000 Cabinet: Chemical Delivery System of POCl3
  • Nitrogen Production Station MICRO5000D
  • Toxic Gas Abatment Unit Kanken KT1000 Fi
  • Toxic Gas Scrubber Yatagan
  • Acid Scrubber SPM12000

List of Metrology Equipment

  • Automatic system to measure sheet resistance and Resistivity CMT-SR2000N-PV
  • Titrator Mettler Toledo T50 / T70 / T90
  • Microscope Nikon ECLIPSE L200N
  • Laser ellipsometer LE-200PV
  • Measurement System for Solar Cell Manufacturing WT-2000PVN
  • Balances & weights
  • Sphere Spectrophotometer X-Rite SP60 Series


Production workshop: 1.600 sqm (for Main Equipment only)

Installation year: 2014 – 2015

The line is still in position.


Characteristics of finished product

Photovoltaic Multi-crystalline Solar Cells 156 x 156 mm with 3 Busbars – BSF technology.

Machine Type


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