7.000 ton PolySilicon manufacturing Plant

Solar Polysilicon Manufacturing Plant 

  • Capacity: 7.000 ton/year
  • Beginning Year of Construction: 2009
  • Product Purity: 99.9999999%
  • Type: TCS-Siemens Type
  • Commissioning Year: 2011
  • Stop Year: 2013
  • Product: Chunk Polysilicon

Process of the Plant

  1. Gasification: MG-Si HCL reacts MG-Si (purity 95~99.5%) with HCL to produce TCS, DCS, STC gases.
  2. Distillation Process (Composition and Distillation of TCS):  the distillation system separates the TCS, DCS and STC off-gases and purifies the TCS.
  3. CVD Process (Deposition of Polysilicon): polysilicon deposition occurs when purified TCS gas is introduced into a CVD reactor. The silicon in the TCS molecule is deposited onto a heated polysilicon filament which grows over to more than 100-mm in diameter.
  4. Off-Gas Recovery Process: collected off-gases (HCL, H2) from the gasification, distillation and CVD processes are recycled to produce more TCS.
  5. Packing Process: Packing grown polysilicon rods are harvested and broken into chunks. Packaged polysilicon is then ready to be shipped.


Numbers of the Plant

Plant lot: 373.800 sqm

Building Area: 50.740 sqm

Equipment: 229

Annex: 2.215 sqm


Main Equipment

CVD: Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactor

A CVD is the fundamental equipment in manufacturing of polysilicon, decomposing high-purity refined TCS (Trichlorosilane) gas and extracting high-purity silicon through chemical reaction. It decomposes gas through a gas-phase chemical reaction by using external energy source. Through the gas-phase chemical reaction, the chemical vapor deposition reactor forms silicon thin film on the inner structured filament, making the size bigger.


Machine Type





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