90MW Zenith PV modules production line

Second Hand 90MW Automatic PV modules production line provided by Zenith Solar

The line can manufactures 3BB4BB5BB and 6BB solar panels;

Nominal Production: 1152 panels / day

Actual configuration: 5 busbars


List of Equipment:

  • Fiber Laser scribing machine, model SFS20
  • Cell Tester and Sorter 3 & 4 busbars, model SCT-B
  • Glass Washing & drying machine, model BX1500
  • Cell welding repair station desk, iron included, model HJT
  • 6x Automatic tabber stringer machine, 3 & 4 busbars, model H530C – 500 cells/h. Machines already upgraded to 5BB and 6BB.
  • 3x Automatic layout station, model ZST-PB-01
  • 3x Lay up station with vacuum tools, model PST-LED
  • 3x Automatic photovoltaic laminator, model ZST-AYZ-22-36 (1 chamber): effective laminating area 2200mm x 3600mm (4 panels / 60 cells – 3 panels / 72 cells per cycle).
  • Solar Simulator, model SMT-B
  • 2x EL tester, model EL-1600
  • Framing machine, model ZKJ-3
  • EVA-TTP cutting machine with auto knife, model EVA-TTP
  • Visual inspection station, model GCJ
  • Trimming and Junction Box tables, model XBT
  • PV modules cart, model ZZC
  • Manual conveyors
  • Ribbon cutting machine, model RCM-5
  • Spare Parts available

Machines made in China;



Machine Type





Middle East

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