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The furnace is designed based on ECM Technologies DIAMANT series and it function is to grow polycrystalline silicon.

The furnace melts and makes controlled solidification of Silicon from 400kg to 450kg depending on the particle size of the source raw materials loaded into the quartz crucible.

Silicon melts at temperatures above 1400 °C.

Raw silicon consists either of refined metallurgical silicon, either rejected silicon from the electronics industry.


Silicon melting point: 1420 °C; Silicon density 2.33 g/cm3;

When silicon is molten the lower heating zone turns off and the heat-insulating diaphragm partially opens. The loading pan radiates heat to the heat exchanger. The process of crystallization of silicon begins.

Then, by controlling the opening of the diaphragm and the temperature of the upper and lateral heating zones, silicon continues to crystallize (bottom to top).

The structure of the thermal element system is made with 3 heating zones designed to maintain isothermal solidification as stable as possible. A special mechanism (“diaphragm”) located under the crucible is aimed at the generation of controlled heat loss during crystallization.

Heating zones can be completely dismantled, therefore their technical service is much simplified. Potential breakage of the crucible can be detected using thermocouples, embedded in emergency pipes for draining molten silicon.

Argon injection is performed on the surface of silicon.

Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 4720 mm

Width: 4270 mm

Height: 5490 mm

Weight: 12.000 kg

Additional Data:

Ingot data after crystallization:

Format (L x W): 840x 840 mm

Height: 240-280 mm

Weight: max. 450 kg

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Ingot Furnace


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