Kuka Robots 60MW PV Modules Production Line

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Fully automatic 60MW/year PV modules production line integrated and supplied by Kuka Robots – Germany.

The line is complete and already disassembled, it is available on stock.

The line has been manufactured in year 2011 and in work operation for few years.



List of Main Equipment:

  • Triulzi glass washer machine SY.1310.6.3.4;
  • Idrotecnica revers osmosis water demineralizer system model IDRO RO 500;
  • 2x Robust foil cutter machines model FSM 17-N2 + exit conveyor + foil pick-up and handling system;
  • 2x Automatic Tabber-Stringer Komax Solar X2, 3 busbars;
  • Automatic layup station with Kuka Robot;
  • 2x EL + vision alignment system made by Vitronics;
  • Automatic interconnection soldering station with Kuka Robots;
  • 1x Burkle laminator, model Easy LAM E-LAPV 2135-1 HV-HM-KM, 3 chambers, equipped with Busch Cobra NC400B vacuum pump;
  • String repair table, double position;
  • Minitec conveyor system;
  • Loccioni Framing machine;
  • Endeas sun simulator QS700 + Horizontal Dark Tunnel;
  • Palletizer stack system with linea axis;


Kuka Robots:

1x KR60L45HA

2x KR100-2 HA 2000

2x KR150 L110-2 2000


Main Info:

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PV Modules Line


Burkle, Endeas, Komax Solar, Kuka Robots, Minitec, Triulzi