M10 Kubus 5000 cells/h tabber stringer

M10 Kubus 5000M10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/hM10 Kubus 5000 cells/h

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SKU: M10-Kubus Category: Tabber Stringer machine

Second-Hand High Throughput Fully Automatic Tabber Stringer machine made by M10 model Kubus 5000 cells/h is available on sale.

Production up to 190 MW/year (22,5/7* 350 | 98% Uptime | 4.5 W p. cell).

The machine is 4BB and 5BB ready.

The machine is in perfect working and maintenance conditions.

It is available also its robot layup, provided by M10. Robot made by Rotte Gmbh.

Machine manufactured in Germany.



Technical Details


General Information:

Only 1 operator per shift needed, only to refill raw material goods;

No downtime for refill goods;

Size ratio / Low footprint / Minimal space requirements;

Non-stop production, even during ribbon exchanges or maintenance work and servicing;

High redundancy for maximum productivity during maintenance;

Soldered cell matrix on a “Tray” for easy interconnections;

Non-Contact soldering process;

Every format available as half-cell kit;

All components are ideally accessible, without interrupting the production;

Extremely maintenance-friendly;

Highest material conversion yield;

Production of 4 or 5 busbars; 3 and 6 busbar as an option; half-cells, PERC;

CE Conformity;

Designed & produced in Germany;


Cell Info:

Cell technology, types: Mono & polycrystalline, all available types;

Cell alignment: Optical alignment via camera;

Cell inspection: Vision system: cracks, scratches, broken edges;

Cell sizes: 125 sq. (5“)–156 sq. (6“) & half cut;

Cell spacing: 2mm – 4mm;

Cell positioning accuracy: +/- 0,2 mm / 0,2 deg

Cell thickness: 160-250 um

Cell buffer: 5.600 cells (14 x 200 cells x 2 cell handling)


Ribbon info:

Ribbon sizes: width > 0,6mm
Ribbon thickness: 0,1 – 0,28 mm
Lead-free ribbons (Pb): Yes
Busbar spacing: 30–78 mm; 26 mm as an option


Machine Info:

Throughput: 5000 cells / h for a 12 cell-string with cell fluxing;

Availability: ≥ 98.00%; including 2% scheduled maintenance;

Soldering technology: IR light;

Flux application: adjustable, metered micro spray / both sides as standard;

Breakage Rate: 0.0 – 0,3% according to cells quality;

String size: Max 2.000 mm, accuracy in length +/- 1mm;

Air consumption: 6 Bar  – 700 l/m

Electrical supply: 400V / 125A / 78KW

HMI: Fixed colortouch panel and portable tablet;

Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 11.937 mm

Width: 7.630 mm

Height: 2.250 mm

Weight: kg

Additional Data:


Main Info:

Additional information

Machine type

Tabber Stringer