MBJ PV modules EL basic tester

Second-Hand PV modules EL tester made by MBJ, supplied by Meyer Burger, model EL-basic offline.

Process Description:

Once a module is placed on the roller tables, sensors detect its leading edge and the module is moved into the system automatically.

Guide rollers assure the module’s precise positioning.
The operator connects the power supply to the solar module.

After the electrical connection is confirmed, the module will be conveyed to the inspection position and the operator may close the front cover.

Image acquisition starts automatically.

A high resolution image is captured of each solar cell. All images of a 6 x 10 module will be captured in less than 25 seconds in the high speed mode.

The images are displayed on the user interface in a matrix view and the operator can grade the module as either “good” or “reject” depending on the defects visible in the images.

At the end of the inspection cycle the front cover is opened again and the module is moved into the de-contact position automatically. The operator disconnects the power supply and confirms all electrical connections are removed before the module will be conveyed to the unload position.

Additional Info:

Module sizes: Min.: 600mm x 600mm / Max.: 1000mm x 2000mm

Module types: Framed modules or non-laminated modules, mono crystalline or multi- crystalline

Cameras: 3 cooled NIR-CCD cameras, each 1.3 Megapixel

High resolution mode: 170μm per pixel (1024×1024 pixel each cell = 60Megapixel image for a module with 60 cells)

Image acquisition time: High resolution: < 35s

Dimension: 2415 x 1895 x H 1245 mm



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