Meyer Burger 70MW PV Panels Production Line

Minitec automatic conveyors for PV laminatesSomont Rapid2 Rapid4 automatic Tabber StringerTriulzi Solar glass washer machine for PV glassPasan flasher sun simulator

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Very well maintained 70MW/year PV modules production line made by Meyer Burger / 3S – Switzerland.

The line is automatic, complete and still in position.

The line has been firstly installed in year 2011 and upgraded in year 2014;

5 BB Technology Upgrade-Kit for Somont stringer is available;

Possibility to make glass-glass and 72 cells modules;

It is possible to Upgrade the line capacity to 100MW/year adding a Laminator type 3S NG3622XL in parallel;

Kit of Raw Materials is available on site;



List of Equipment:

  • Automatic Stringer Rapid 4 (2x Somont Rapid 2);
  • Automatic Layup R4 for PV modules from 48 to 72 cells;
  • String Vision;
  • Glass plate feeding belt;
  • Laminating Line MG 3622 XL/CT (2x heating zones + 1x cooling zone) with Oerlikon SP630 vacuum pump;
  • Triulzi horizontal glass washing and drying machine SY1310.4.2.4;
  • Pasquato vertical Foil cutting machine + punching system;
  • Glass buffer;
  • String repair table ST 2200;
  • Modules repair table with carrier;
  • Ribbon cutting device + Interconnections cutting and bending machine;
  • Automatic interconnection table;
  • Dark I/V Measuring device;
  • Trimming Station;
  • Automated conveyor system;
  • Junction box station;
  • 2x Minitec Framing machine;
  • Frame Press FP 1814;
  • Corner key pressing device;
  • String box carrier;
  • Foil transport carrier;
  • Transport track trolley;
  • Conveyor System;
  • Tools for Quality Checks;
  • Pasan sun simulator SunSim3C + Horizontal Dark Tunnel;
  • Schmalz vacuum lifter up to 65Kg;

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3S, Meyer Burger, Minitec, Pasan, Pasquato, Somont


2011, 2014