NEW G&N Grinding machine for Solar Wafer

NEW G&N Grinding Machine for super finishing of mono + polycrystalline silicon blocks for solar wafer, model MPS 3-134.

Single & Twin mode available.

Manufacturer: G&N Genauigkeits Maschinenbau Nürnberg GmbH (Germany)

  • Stand alone precision grinding machine with two grinding spindles and oscillating table;
  • Main grinding spindle with combi wheel D46/D15;
  • Second grinding spindle for simultaneously chamfering the edges of the block;
  • Chamfering of the edges and grinding of the faces in the same clamping position (no rechucking);
  • Prepared for robot-loading of block;
  • Automatic handling (loading, unloading, turning) of the block;
  • Automatic grinding process;
  • Integrable into production line;

Block size: 125 / 150 / 156 mm

Block length: 190 – 300 mm

Flat grinding spindle: AC Motor 7,5 kW, speed 500 – 4000 rpm, combi wheel: rough/fine;

Chamfering spindle: AC Motor 2,5 kW, speed 3915 rpm, grinding wheel: fine;

Block clamping & handling: Vacuum

Electrical connection: 10 kW

Water: 1200 l/h

Air: 15 m3/h

Weight: 1600 kg

Dimension: W 3000 x L 2100 mm x H 2440 mm



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