SAP Solar 45MW PV Panels Production Line

SAP Kuka 45MW lineSAP Kuka 45MW line with single panels laminatorsSAP Kuka 45MW lineSAP Kuka 45MW line Berger simulator with tower

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Complete SAP Solar 45MW PV Panels production Line with Production rate of 27 modules /hour – 3 busbars (60 cells module) automated by Kuka Robots.


List of Equipment:

– EVA / Backsheet cutting station;- Glass + EVA loading / positioning station;

– Glass + EVA buffer stock;

– PV Strings layup to glass + EVA;

– x2 automatic string welding and assembly machines 3 busbars;

– Buffer stock before strings interconnection;

– Strings interconnection;

– positioning of EVA and backsheet station;

– x2 manual workstations: electrical continuity verification, visual inspection station;

x6 single laminators automatically loaded by Kuka robot;

– Cooling tunnel Buffer after lamination;

x2 Framing stations for standard frames and for Solrif frames with rotary conveyor table;

– Berger Flash test station handled by Kuka Robot;

– single identification label application station;

– Palletizing station with automated Kuka robot for handling and stacking of modules;

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PV Modules Line


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