Small PV modules 10W 20W 25W production line

Zenith Solar Framing machineRising Laminator 2200 x 1100 mmSunnyworld 3BB 4BB stringer machineSunnyworld 3BB 4BB stringer machineZenith Solar EL tester

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Semi-Automatic PV panels production line able to produce small modules like 10W, 20W, 25W.

Equipment made in China used approx 3-4 years, one shift.



List of Main Equipment:

  • n°1 Sunnyworld Tabber and Stringer (H530B) – 3 busbars / 4 busbars;
  • n°1 Automatic Laying machine;
  • n°1 Zenith Solar automatic Laminator 1800 x 2200mm (with auto conveyors and auto cleaning EVA system);
  • n°1 Rising Solar semi-automatic Laminator 2200 x 1100mm;
  • n°1 Zenith Solar EL Tester (EL-1600);
  • n°1 Gsolar Sun Simulator;
  • n°1 Gsolar Cell Tester;
  • n°1 automatic Laser Scriber;
  • n°1 Zenith Solar automatic framing machine (four corners): 385 mm x 385 mm ~ 2100 mm x 1200mm;
  • n°1 Rising Solar semi-automatic framing machine (four corners);
  • n°1 Rising Solar framing machine (one corner);
  • n°1 Rising Solar double head aluminum profile cutting machine;
  • n°1 Rising Solar automatic aluminum corner cutting machine;
  • n°1 Zenith Solar aluminum Punching Machine;
  • n°6 Zenith Solar PV panel carriers;
  • n°8 Zenith Solar conveyors with plastic ball;

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PV Modules Line


Gsolar, Rising Solar, Sunnyworld, Zenith Solar


2008, 2015


Middle East