Somont Certus2 2800 cells/h tabber stringer

Somont Certus2Somont Certus2Somont Certus2Somont Certus2

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Second-Hand Fully Automatic Tabber Stringer machines made by Meyer Burger – Somont model Certus2 working at 2800 cells/h are available on sale.

2x machines + 1x layup station.

Tabber stringer machines are 5 BusBars ready and still in working conditions.



Technical Details


General Information:

CE Conformity;

Designed & produced in Germany;


Cell Info:

Cell technology, types: Mono & polycrystalline;

Cell alignment: Optical alignment via camera;

Cell sizes: 125 sq. (5“)–156 sq. (6“);


Ribbon info:

Ribbon sizes: width 1.0 – 2.0 mm
Ribbon thickness: 0,15 – 0,2 mm

Distance cell/cell within a string: 1.5 mm – 15 mm


Machine Info:

Throughput: 1400 cells / h (each machine) for a 10 cell-string with cell fluxing;

Availability: ≥ 95.00%;

Soldering technology: Soft Touch Soldering;

Flux application: shower fluxing and horizontal drying;

Breakage Rate: 0.0 – 0,2% according to cells quality;

String size: Max 1.950 mm, accuracy in length +/- 1mm;

Air consumption: 6 Bar

Electrical supply:

HMI: Touchscreen;

Dimensions and Weight:

Length: 9.960 mm

Width: 10.640 mm

Height: 3.400 mm

Weight: kg

Additional Data:


Main Info:

Additional information

Machine type

Tabber Stringer






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