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Sulzer refrigeration system is designed to supply a huge amount of chilled water cooled at temperature of 5°C to satisfy all the consumption needs of the factory.

The water is used both for air conditioning and for the manufacturing process in order to obtain process-specific temperature and humidity values.

The Central Refrigeration Unit is made of 3 refrigerating units installed in parallel, each one of them having a power of 2.907 kW.


By the use of a recycling pump, the chilled water produced during the evaporation process in the three refrigerating units is fed into a storage tank of approx. 600 m3 and divided into sectors in order to guarantee an optimal water mixing.

Recycling pumps have a flow rate of approximately 965 m3/h per refrigerating unit. There are always two refrigerating units running (the third unit is a spare one).

Cold water coming from the air-water exchange towers on the factory roof is used to cool and condense the gaseous refrigerant into the unit condenser.

The tower water is also used to cool the lube oil of the units.

The recycling pumps positioned at each point of use suck up the produced chilled water from the lower side of the storage tank and distribute it where it is needed; the chilled water returning from the points of use flows into the upper side of the tank.

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