Von Ardenne PIAnova 1.4 Mo Sputter

Second-Hand Mo Sputter made by Von Ardenne, model PIAnova 1.4, is available on sale.

Availability: 1 unit

Made in Germany

CIGS technology equipment: the process application is the sputtering of molybdenum (Mo) back electrode.

Operating area 1650 x 1300 mm

The equipment does sputtering of the PVD process. The sputtering process uses plasma to ion bombard the target material to knock out the atoms on the surface of the target material. These atoms are emitted in the form of gas molecules and reach the substrate to be deposited. After the processes of attachment, adsorption, surface migration, and nucleation, they grow to form a thin film on the substrate. It can be used to sputter metal and oxide layers. This production machine is a flat sputtering machine, which can quickly mass produce large-size solar glass.

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