Zenith Glass Washer

Second-Hand Zenith Glass Washer machine for PV glasses, model L-BL-BX1500

Horizontal glass washer machine used to clean flat glass with thickness of 3 ~ 12mm.

The flat glasses move by transmission rollers through the feeding part, the cleaning part and the drying part.

The temperature of the heating air can be adjusted.

The operation buttons are located on the control panel.


Main specification and technical parameter

Power supply: 380V/50Hz

Maximum working speed: 5 m/min

Cleaning size: max 1600×2000 mm; min 450×450 mm

Dimension: 2850 × 2050 × 1100 mm

Total power: 7.8 kW

Cleaning speed: 0.5 – 5 m/min

Cleaning thickness: 3~12 mm

Weight: about 1100 kg

Machine Type




Middle East


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