Zenith PV cells Tester and Sorter

Second-Hand manual PV Cells Tester & Sorter, model Zenith B- SCT-B

Technical specifications:

  1. Full area intensity: 100 mW/cm2
  2. Illumination Uniformity: + 3%
  3. Life time of a lamp: 100.000 flash
  4. Effective testing area: 160 mm x 160 mm
  5. Working period: 24 hours continuously.
  6. Accuracy: <3% (for maximum power Pm)
  7. Correction: to standard illumination and temperature
  8. Testing time: <3 second for each cell (not including loading and unloading time)
  9. I-V curve, Voc, Isc, Pm, Vm, Im, FF, Tm
  10. Sorting rank: max to 50 ranks, by one of chosen performance from P-max, Ipm, Vpm, etc
  11. German lamp
  12. Measure of the following parameters:
    • I-V curve
    • Open circuit voltage (Voc)
    • Short-circuit current (Isc)
    • Peak power (Pm)
    • Current and voltage at peak power (Im and Vm) Fill factor (F.F.)
    • Module efficiency (Eff.)
    • Module temperature (Temp)

Power: AC200Hz-50kHz, 1 kW

Size: 1700mm x 800mm x 700mm

Weight: 120 Kg

Made in China

CE Mark

Machine Type



Middle East



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