Zenith ZST-AYZ-2236 PV laminator

Second-Hand Zenith ZST-AYZ-2236 PV Laminator with effective lamination area of 2200 mm x 3600 mm is available on sale.

Made in China with German BUSCH vacuum pumps.

Oil Heating system with PID regulation;

Uniformity of temperature: ± 2 °C;

Large touch-screen control in English and Chinese language.

Alarms: over-temperature, vacuum leak, open cover negative pressure, oil fault, etc.


Technical parameters

Supply voltage: 380V/3 phase/4 Line

Max power: 48 kW

Silicon membrane size: 4 ~ 5 mm x 2.400mm x 3.800 mm (replacement time: 20 to 30 minutes)

Heating System: heat-conducting oil, capacity 210 L, flow pressure: <0.4 MPa

Hydraulic open cover, max opening height: 200 mm

Dimensions: 14.000 mm x 2.800mm x 1.480mm

Weight: 15.8 Ton

CE mark

Machine Type



Middle East



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