PV Panels Recycling

Recycling Technology and Recovering Service for end-of-life Solar Modules

Are you Revamping you PV Solar Park? What to do with end-of-life PV Panels? Let’s Collect, Recover and Recycle them!

Experia is actively working on second-hand solar modules collection and treatment to avoid landfill disposal and to find new industrial reuse of photovoltaic components.

Would you like to start your PV modules recycling plant or would you like to dispose correctly your old PV modules of your photovoltaic park?

We have the solution for you!


We provide a turnk-key system for the recycling of crystalline PV panels.

Our technology has been developed to recover all solar photovoltaic modules mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline made with mono facial glass.
The dismantling process separates glass, aluminum frames, junction boxes, plastics and metals.


The recycling system allows to recover over 90% of the solar laminates.

Treatment Capacity: each machine is able to process up to 50 panels/h that means up to 1100 Kg/h of glass.

The automation is managed by industrial PC interfaced to PLC. The operators setup and control the process by a touch-screen panel.


1. SOLAR FRAMES machine takes-off the aluminum frames and the junction-box from the back of PV panels.

2. SOLAR GLASS machine removes 100% mechanically the glass from the solar laminates and allows to recover up to 90% of the glass of the photovoltaic panels. The glass is removed gradually without contamination with EVA.

3. SOLAR GRIND process makes shredding and selection of the materials of the PV laminates.

Each machine is CE marked

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