Turnkey PV Modules Production Lines

Design and Source of turn-key automatic PV modules production lines up to 1 GW/year

Cell Size

156 – 210 mm
Full & Half-Cut cells

Number of Busbars

5BB – 20BB

PV module type

Single & Double glass,
Frames & Frameless, Semi-Flexible, BIPV


Starting from 50MW/year

We help you to design and source Turn-key automatic PV modules production lines from 100MW/year up to 1GW/year to produce glass-backsheet and glass-glass PV modules up to 20 wires made by:

  • Automatic Non-destructive Laser cell cutting for 1/2,1/3 and 1/4 cut cell;
  • Glass loader and handling machine;
  • Automatic Multibusbars Stringer machine compatible with 5BB-12BB, 156-220mm cells, up to 20 wires;
  • Automatic Layup Machine for finished strings;
  • Automatic Bussing Machine to connect strings together;
  • Taping Machine to stick automatically the tape between the strings to prevent the strings from shifting;
  • EVA/TPT Cutting and Layup Machine;
  • EL Tester before and after lamination to check automatically soldering, cracking, missing corners, chipping, foreign objects, and alignment;
  • Edge Sealing Machine for double-glass module production;
  • Laminator;
  • Trimming Machine to removal automatically burrs formed after lamination;
  • Framing Machine + automatic Dispensing Machine for aluminum Frames;
  • Glue Dispensing Machine for J-box on backside;
  • Glue Potting Machine to seal junction box;
  • J-box Soldering Machine;
  • Hi-Pot testing Unit;
  • IV flash Tester – LED or Xenon;
  • Auto Labeling Machine;
  • Auto Sorting station used for PV Module classified stacking;
  • Conveyors, buffer, repairing station, etc… as needed by factory layout

We help you to source standard or custom PV equipment like Automatic Tabber & Stringer machine, Robot or Cartesian Layup station, Automatic Bussing station, film cutter machine, etc. for mass production and special application.

We help you to design your tailored production line to produce custom PV modules.

Laboratory Laminators

Small Area Lab Laminators for R&D

Lamination Area

400 x 500 mm

700 x 700 mm

500 x 900 mm

1000 x 1000 mm

2000 x 1000 mm


+/- 2%

+/- 5%

Temperature Range

up to 180°C

Additional Features

Pin Lifting System

Cooling System

Experia offers a wide range of compact laboratory laminators for Laboratories, Universities and Development Centers.

A lab laminator is mainly used to test encapsulant materials like EVA, PVB or Polyolefin.

Tabber Stringers

Automatic fast stringers for multibusbars soldering

Cells & n° Busbars

5BB 6BB 9BB 10BB 11BB 12BB 13BB 20BB

M0 – M12 wafer size


1500 – 1800 pcs/h

 > 3400 pcs/h

Soldering System

Infrared Lamps

Kind of Ribbon

Suitable for flat and round ribbon

Experia source automatic tabber-stringer machines from European and Asian manufacturers for Laboratory and Production purpose.


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