Turnkey PV Modules Production Lines

Design and Source of turn-key automatic PV modules production lines up to 1 GW/year

Cell Size

156 – 210 mm
Full & Half-Cut cells

Number of Busbars

5BB – 12BB

PV module type

Single & Double glass,
Frames & Frameless, Semi-Flexible, BIPV


Starting from 50MW/year

List of main Machines

  • Laser Cutting Machine: Automatic Non-Destructive laser cutting for 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 cut PV cells;
  • Glass Loader: Automatically places glass on the starting conveyor of the production line;
  • MBB Cell Stringer: Automatic Multibusbars Soldering machine for serial connection between cells, compatible with 5BB-12BB, 156-220mm cells;
  • Layup Machine: Automatic Layup of the finished strings;
  • Bussing Machine: Automatically connect the PV strings to each other by bus soldering;
  • Taping Machine: Stick automatically the tape between the strings to prevent the strings from shifting;
  • EVA/TPT Cutting and Layup Machine: automatically Cut and layup first and second EVA and TPT;
  • EL-IV Tester: automatic detection and judgment before lamination of soldering, cracking, partial soldering, missing corners, chipping, foreign objects and alignment.
  • Edge Sealing Machine: Automatically complete the tape edge banding process of the double-glass module before lamination.
  • Laminator: PV modules are encapsulated by heating and vacuum;
  • Trimming Machine: Automatic removal of burrs after lamination;
  • Framing Machine: Automatically complete the grabbing and installation of frames + Auto Dispensing Machine for Frames;
  • Glue Dispensing Machine: Apply glue for backside of J-box;
  • Glue Potting Machine for J-Box: automatically pour glue into the junction box to seal the junction box;
  • J-box Soldering Machine: Automatic soldering of junction box
  • Hi-Pot Tester
  • IV Tester
  • EL Tester
  • Auto Labeling Machine
  • Auto Sorter: Used for PV Module handling & stacking on classified stacking.
  • Conveyors, buffer, repairing station, etc… as needed by factory layout

Laboratory Laminators

Small Area Lab Laminators for R&D

Lamination Area

400 x 500 mm

700 x 700 mm

500 x 900 mm

1000 x 1000 mm

2000 x 1000 mm


+/- 2%

+/- 5%

Temperature Range

up to 180°C

Additional Features

Pin Lifting System

Cooling System

Experia offers a wide range of compact laboratory laminators for Laboratories, Universities and Development Centers.

A lab laminator is mainly used to test encapsulant materials like EVA, PVB or Polyolefin.

Tabber Stringers

Automatic fast stringers for multibusbars soldering

Cells & n° Busbars

5BB 6BB 9BB 10BB 11BB 12BB 13BB

M0 – M12 wafer size


1500 – 1800 pcs/h

3400 pcs/h

Soldering System

Infrared Lamps

Kind of Ribbon

Suitable for flat and round ribbon

Experia source automatic tabber-stringer machines from European and Asian manufacturers for Laboratory and Production purpose.


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