PV Machines Sourcing and Consulting

Experia is a business development firm specialized in the sourcing and manufacturing of machines for the production of Photovoltaic Solar Modules.

We stand in the middle between Buyer and Owner / Supplier.
We support the Client to choose consciously its new PV Machines.
We help Suppliers to provide the Machine that most fit Clients needs.

Our consulting services

Experia makes connections through the whole PV chain to evaluate Joint Venture, M&A and commercial agreements.

Sell your Machine

Experia is always looking for pre-owned / used Machines to re-sell.
Contact Us to get more information or to promote the sale of your machines on stock.

Industrial Consulting

Experia provides consultation about new & second-hand PV machines and complete PV modules production lines

Turn-key PV Production Lines

Experia source new PV modules production lines up to 1 GW/year


Experia source laboratory laminators for R&D

Tabber Stringers

Experia source automatic stringers for mass production and special application
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